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lilemokai's Journal

♥ A b o u t M e ♥
My Name is Courtney, I am 21 (atm...) I Love All things Japanese, & i Hate Spiders....

♥ M y H o b b i e s / O b s e s s i o n s ♥
-Anime & Manga
-Watching JDramas/KDrama
-Playing Games
-Making Photostories with my BJD's :3
-Listening to Japanese/Korean/Chinese Music
-Saying random japanese words in the middle of a conversation with someone by accident.(not really a hobbie more of an entertainment to my life xD)
-JE Boys
-Seto Koji
-Ichigo Pocky
-Stripy Clothing
-Japanese Guys *drool*
-Japanese Girls *drool*
-Evilly Cute things(like my little brothers XD)

♥ L i n k s ♥
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My 'Art' >> Art of Luuuurrrvvvv
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